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  • How do I use the toppers?
    We recommend using the toppers on a foamy cocktail for best results. However, the toppers look great on foamy coffees, any chilled liquid, and placed on cupcakes using icing. The smaller toppers also look great on the rim of a glass - you can attach using a mini peg or by cutting a small slit into the topper. Be creative with how you use your toppers, and make sure you snap a pic!
  • Which size should I get?
    9cm - For cocktail glasses only 6cm - For cocktail glasses when you wish to add garnish of your own as well. Tumbler glasses. Coffees. 4cm - For cocktail glasses in addition to other garnish. Prosecco glasses either clipped to the side, or in the drink itself. Cupcakes. (note, due to the small size of the 4cm toppers, we recommend less detail than the 6cm/9cm designs)
  • Do the toppers dissolve in the drink?
    The toppers do not fully dissolve into cold drinks, they lose their shape after a few minutes but they will remain in the drink until discarded or eaten. In hot drinks they will remain on the foam until stirred in, then they will dissolve.
  • What is the shelf life of the toppers?
    18 months from purchase, but they are best used within 12 months of receipt to minimise any potential ink fade.
  • Will they affect the taste/smell of the drink?
    The toppers are flavour free and odourless so they will not affect your drink/cake.
  • Are they suitable for vegetarians?
    Yes, they are 100% vegan & gluten free.
  • Will my logo be exactly the same colour on a topper?
    Colours may not appear as vivid on the toppers due to using special ink and paper. We do experiment to try and get as close of a match as possible though! We will always contact you before printing if we have had to make any slight changes to the colouring in order to maintain print quality. Metallic colours do not work well due to the edible ink used, so please bear this in mind when ordering Gold/Silver/Rose Gold etc.
  • Do I qualify for a bulk discount?
    Discounts are already included in the price for more than 45+ toppers of the same size/type. You must be purshasing at least: -3 sheets of 4cm toppers (all 3 sheets must be the same type- standard, personalised, or photo) -4 sheets of 6cm toppers (all 4 sheets must be the same type) -8 sheets of 9cm toppers (all 8 sheets must be the same type) If the amounts on our online shop do not meet your requirements, (ie over 10+ sheets) please email us for a quote. Thanks
  • What are the ingredients?
    Potato Starch, Water, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Humectant(E422), Propylene Glycol, Preservative(E202). Food Colour: E102 Tartrazine, E330 Acidity Regulator, E-122 Carmine, E-124 Ponceau, E133 Brilliant Blue.
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