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Personalised, edible toppers for all occasions.
Prosecco Toppers
Cocktail Toppers
Coffee Toppers
Cupcake Toppers
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Shop our most popular products

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Upload your own image and it will be printed on one of our edible toppers.
This product is great if you would like to design the topper yourself, or if you have a logo or a photo you would like printed as it is.
Shop add your own logo HERE. 
Our most popular product is great for any birthdays you have coming up.
We have toppers that you can add a photo to, and we have toppers that are text only and you can edit the name and/or age.
Great for personalising your birthday drinks and cakes.
Shop personalised birthday HERE. 
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You can purchase toppers in the following sizes:

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About Us

TOP IT OFF DRINKS  was created to give your drinks & cakes a bit of individuality. Our Mission is to give you a new, fun way to personalise your drinks/cakes and tailor them to your event. Whatever that may be!

We have over 100 toppers to choose from that will suit most occasions. If our designs aren't suitable for you or your event, or you have your own design you'd like to use - don't worry! Our in house designer will work with you to create your own bespoke topper. We've got you!


For businesses, we offer very generous bulk discounts, so be sure to email us to get a quote. We can create toppers with your logo, photo, or company slogans. Our toppers are the perfect marketing tool, they're totally instagrammable and will drive your social engagement. 


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We have designs ready made for most occasions (The rest are on our to-do list!). We have standard designs that are ready to go, just pick the one you want and we'll ship it to you as it is seen on our site! You can shop our standard designs here.

We also have designs that can be personalised with a name, age & photo and we can change the colour to suit your theme. Simply pick your personalised design here and fill in the comment box to let us know how you'd like to personalise it. If you're purchasing a topper with a photo, please be sure to click the 'upload photo' option & also enter your email address so we can contact you if we have any issues with your chosen image.

How It Works

Shop Sheets

Enjoy & Snap

We sell our toppers by the sheet to reduce wastage. You can purchase the sheets in 3 sizes - 4cm, 6cm, 9cm. Check the 'Snaps' below to  see an example of each size. Here are a few points to note:

 9cm toppers are great for cocktail glasses & allow lots of detail. They're great for photo designs!

6cm toppers are most versatile and can be used on most drinks.

4cm toppers are great for prosecco glasses, and cupcakes. Due to the size, less is more in terms of detail.

You can choose 1 design per sheet. If you'd like multiple designs, simply add each sheet to your cart separately.

For large orders, please read our Bulk Order policy to see if you qualify for a discount.

We really hope you love your toppers! Once they've arrived, be sure to take a pic and tag us! 

We think that covers the basics, but we do have an FAQ page to answer some common questions we get. For anything else, feel free to slide into our DM's on social media or send us a message using the contact us form at the bottom of our site. 


Thank you, 


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